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CWL Student Council

CWL Student Council Members got the Blair Regional YMCA involved in a community service project. The group is collecting products to make hygiene boxes for students in need to keep at school. They did such a good job planning and preparing this activity! 

Free Breakfast 2022-2023
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In an effort to increase student safety, the following dismissal options will be utilized for all students.


1. Ride the bus.  If a student is assigned a bus and unless a parent chooses one of the other approved options, we are expecting them to ride the bus home.

2.  Approved Walker. Students who live in the very specific designated walker area are permitted to walk home.  There is a maintained list of these students that is shared with teachers.  Only students on this list will be dismissed as a walker.

3. Front door pick up   If a parent/guardian needs to pick up a student on any given day, the parent (person picking-up) signs the student out in the lobby.  The student is then called to the front entrance for dismissal. Students will then be matched to the person picking them up. The individual picking up should be prepared to show proper identification.  Please do not park in the front circle of the school.  

4. Permanent side door pick-up. This option is for parents who will be picking up every day.  Students wait in the multi-purpose room and are sent out to greet their parents’ vehicle.  Parents are also provided with a sign to help ensure overall safety.

Please sign-up for this option via this link.     

5.  YMCA  Students participating in the afterschool program will be riding a bus over to the Y.  

6.  Private Transport Van   Students are escorted to their dismissal location.


Thank you for your participation and cooperation to help improve the safety of our students.